How to make Magnet Sticker With Epson Printer T60 & Silhouette Cameo?

fridge magnet stickerHave you ever left your fridge empty without any accessories stick on it? Like, seriously? Sticker magnet is a very cool, especially when you used it as a promotional tool. If you are targeting homemakers, the custom magnet sticker is the best promotional gift item.

Any sized of magnetic sticker, will always give a good impact for the company. This is why, we can see most companies choosing an attractive color and image to capture viewer attention.

Magnetic Papers

There are 2 types of custom magnets:

  1. Acrylic fridge magnets: they were thicker and suitable to promote long-term advertisements.
  2. Jumbo acrylic magnets: it have solid design that can help to promote business products or services.

How to DIY Magnet Sticker

You can always use traditional method which is design-print-cut and done! However, does the outcome give you great result with 100% satisfaction?

This is why introduce the Cutting Plotter Business Package! With this package, the process of making magnet sticker will be much more easier.

The process of making custom magnet sticker with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO® is as easy as below diagram:

how to make magnet sticker

1. Design

There are many software online and offline you can choose

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to design such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Epson T60

2. Print with Epson T60

Change setting to mirror image, and print (we proposed using Epson T60)your design on the magnetic paper. Choose from different magnetic papers (glossy or matte) and select the perfect magnetic paper for your particular use.


3. Cut with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO®

Silhouette CAMEO® helps with cuts any type designs out of a variety of materials, including the sticker papers, photo papers, magnetic papers and transfer papers to vinyl transfer films and more up to 12″ wide and 10 feet long. Watch this video for more understanding~

Now you can start DIY magnetic sticker with Cutting Plotter Package by Get DIY PROMO Package from RM2,xxx and received Silhouette CAMEO® with cutting mat, adjustable blade, silhouette studio, instructional DVD, universal hook, tweezers as well as training & certificate.

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How Cutting Plotter Works in the Cutting Jobs?

Typically, automated plotter knives cut into a piece of material (paper, mylar or vinyl) that is lying on the flat surface area of the plotter. This automated-cutting is achieved because the plotter is connected to a computer, which is equipped with specialized cutting design or drawing computer software programs.


These specialized computer software programs are responsible for sending the necessary cutting dimensions or designs in order to command the cutting knife to produce the correct project cutting needs.

BestSub Series Vinyl Cutter (HW630)

BestSub Series Vinyl Cutter (HW630)

The material to be cut (usually vinyl) is either roll-fed or sheet-fed through the plotter automatically and once it reaches the flat cutting service, the cutting knife quickly makes the needed cuts before the item rolls off the flat cutting surface to make room for the next item to be cut.

Anyhow, we have been supplying many customers cutting plotter machines and providing them free training in less than 1 hour. Most of our customers can handle the cutting plotter easily and start their business immediately without any doubt.

Grab the easy operate cutting plotter today and start making money in your business.
For more about cutting plotter, please see cutting plotter package by

Cutting Plotter Package:- Updated Price & Higher Quality Services

CAMEO_Cutting Plotter


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